Sunday, 2 December 2007

Ginch Gonch threatened legal action if I didn't remove youtube video!

Last Thursday I posted a video on youtube expressing my personal views about ginch gonch's underwear which I had bought several months ago. Because I had failed to read the washing instructions on the label the colours on the first pair that I washed all ran together!. It was my own fault I know but really for hygiene reasons I think that you will all agree that you need to wash underwear in warm water!.
This I explained in the video and I then preceded to recommend another companies brand, which is owned by a friend and in my personal opinion is of superior style and quality than ginch gonch!. The video was up on youtube for ONE DAY, during which Ginch Gonch sent an email to my friends web site saying that if he did not get me to remove the video off youtube that they would take legal action!!!.
I could understand if I had blatantly slandered their companies name but a simple video expressing my own views about a product that I had bought is pathetic in the extreme!
Further more and this is what I can not comprehend is the action Ginch Gonch took in going through all my blogs and emailing certain posts back to my friend!!!. EXCUSE ME!...this is taking things out of all reason and just goes to show everyone one that no one is immune to BULLYING!!!.


Anonymous said...

I did follow the washing instructions washed on hand wash cycle, in cold water, and when they came out of the wash the waist band had begun to unravel. I contacted the company and they actually apologised and sais it was a manufacturing problem. They even said they would send me new pairs but seven months later they still haven't sent me anyting, claiming staff layoffs? I certainly have not been happy with the customer realtions from ginch gonch. I have since spoken to several other people I know and they had the same expereince with the waist bands unraveling ( somethin I have never had happen with under wear before) thusly myself and my freinds and word of mouth are not buying ginch gonch.

TIMSLIM said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment in relation to the Ginch Gonch incident. I truly believe that the image created by the company doesn't stand up to closer inspection and that ultimately the company with crumble into ruin! PEACE! X