Friday, 28 March 2008

Quickly now..its the weekend!

Well its the weekend again and hopefully this weekend will be more productive and creatively fulfilling than the last!. My energy levels should be around 80% and my mind more focused which will all help with my imagination and stimulate my thought processes!.

I'm hoping that the planned shopping trip to Chester will also be aesthetically pleasing to my eyes (hot horny muscle boys) and easy on my wallet (bargains). But you never really know do you, plans always go a stray and I feel that sometimes you should really" just go with the flow"!.

I will keep my finger crossed that my weekend with be sexy and exciting and all the things that really get your pulse racing!!!!. X

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Some people should NOT be let out in public or have access to the internet, why?.... well this guy on flickr started to comment on my images and from the start it was excessive and too intense to be from someone mentally stable!. His comments were rarely coherent and verged on ramblings from a mad man.

He proclaimed me to be a GENIUS , a new light in art and a tour de force, all true all sure... lol... but from someone who has never met me and his only understanding of me is from quick views of my work on flickr! .. well it left me feeling angry!. He had also spent SIX HOURS writing a testimonial for me which never connected to me or my work at all and seemed to be a vessel for his fantasy vomit!

After I rejected the testimonial he proceeded to delete all the comments that he had made regarding my work and then he went as far as to delete himself from my friends list!! He said he appreciates art but how can he when he doesn't understand himself...**** ART EQUALS LIFE**** .........

I tire of people like that who wear their neurosis with pride, we all have to deal with issues in life ,thats all part of life, but if your not going to learn from them and move on then ... then you are truly LOST!. and DOOMED to REPEAT!.



Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Virus.

Being easter I thought that I would have plenty of time to do photoshop work but little did I know that I would be caught in the grip of a virus that would debilitate me and prevent me from doing anything creative and productive! So its been THREE DAYS and I haven't been able to focus on anything other than my self pity, literally forced to my bed at times because of fatigue and fever!

Today is the first day of the Easter break that I have felt better and energized and with a will to create and visualise. I ventured outside this morning and looked at the first flowers of spring which had bravely pushed through the hard frosty surface and looked towards the dull gray sky. They are the sign and trumpet call of things to come and cheer the soul during this un-certain month.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

The hateful male species!

I started this night feeling really good and happy and looking forward to doing some serious Photoshop work. That all changed when I logged in to youtube and watched gaygods video about a US solider who had thrown a little puppy over a cliff!!!... my heart sank and I google searched to check for more details and to my disbelief everything gaygod had said was true!.

The video was on youtube but has now been remove but can still be seen because someone has copied it and re-posted it!!. this all comes after a 25 year old mother was spiked with a drug and then raped by a group of lads who filmed it all with a mobile phone and then soon after uploaded it to youtube! . IT WAS VIEWED 600 TIMES!!!.

Youtube are constantly being criticized by gay people because of the homophobic abuse they receive, I also was a victim of homophobic comments, but youtube DO NOTHING!. They seem to think that they should take NO RESPONSIBILITY for what is uploaded to the site," just let anyone upload anything they like".."hey lets kill a stranger and film it for youtube it will be a big hit and generate mass views" well ... thats all that matters isn't it!!!!

I am left feeling so sad and depressed with the world and all the freaks that inhabit it and here's an observation, who are the perpetrators of the first two incidents ,yeah thats right HETEROSEXUAL MEN in BOTH cases!!! Most of the hurt and pain in the world is caused by the heterosexual man with their stupid grunting behaviour!

I think that most of the female and gay population will agree with me there!!!!!!!.