Sunday, 17 August 2008

Peaches Geldof grow up you silly bitch!

So 19 year old Peaches Geldof has married a 23 year old musician Max Drummey a man she has only known for a couple of weeks at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas and in the process dumping her other boyfriend in a truly bitchy way! She’s so funny and a fully functioning train wreak almost every other month!.

She’s tried her hand a shoplifting,stealing thousands of pounds worth of designer clobber and during one photo shoot walking off with the clothes she was wearing during the photo session!. oh and hey lets keep the family tradition alive and admit to drug use and addition and the icing on the cake “lets do an overdose”!

I do like her as a person and when she has been interviewed in the past she has appeared eloquent and intelligent and a likable girl but honestly all these latest events indicate a severely troubled soul and a person with immense psychological scaring!

I wish her well and hope that that everything turns out ok and that her career hasn’t been hindered by these foolish events. Her mother Paula Yates was always stylish and vibrant and an amazing person and an eighties icon!!. SO peaches here’s hoping that your life doesn’t follow your mothers path and end in such a tragic way!?.



Monday, 11 August 2008

Why I hate stickam!

My feelings on Recent events on stickam, the haters and sex pests!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

My hot changing room sex session!.

This is so hot and I am still dreaming of the event days after it happened, what you ask am I talking about?. …… well I had the steamiest sex session ever and it all took place with-in a clothes shop changing room!. I had decided to try on some clothes which were little summery things and I was in my underpants when the curtain flew open and this crazy sexy man stood looking at me!. I asked him if he was ok and he said that he was sure he had left his wallet in my changing room somewhere.”Lets have a look” I said and he joined me in looking for his lost wallet, the room was small and left no room for two people but his anxiety was infectious, so we continued to search for his wallet.

I continued to search in my underpants and when I stood up to turn around he grabbed me and…… ..

….after 15 minutes both of us were satisfied and looking rather red in our faces and it was only then did I realise that the whole incident had been fabricated because the expression on his face told me a different story to the one before,I had been a object for his lust and he was determined to have full satisfaction.

I only hope that things continue along this line in the future and I have doubled visits to this particular clothes shop hoping for a repeat performance!

From gay to straight the Jackie Clune way!.

Last night on The Richard and Judy Show the performer/writer/presenter Jackie Clune described to the rickety presenters her feelings about her past lesbian lifestyle and then went on to explain that woman are firmly in the past and her future now lies in the arms of her husband and father to her four children!

OK!... she then went on to say that she also feels that for a number of homosexuals sexual orientation is a choice and for her she became a lesbian as part of a political package!?.

So during the period 1988-2000 her life and stage act which relied entirely on the fact that she claimed in a political fashion statement way to be a "lesbian" was in fact a blatant and shameful lie!!. I personally don't think I could live with myself knowing this fact, its like during that period she didn't exist,it was all a silly little dream!.

All this ex gay thing really creeps me out and I don't believe for one minute that these faux heterosexuals can keep their shoddy act up for a lengthy period of time and when the fa├žade begins to crumble not only with they be hurt but everyone else involved in their foolish make-believe world will also be!.