Wednesday, 28 March 2007


I just wanted to use this blog to visualise what I am thinking at the moment, to try and understand my thoughts. It seems that just recently ..well since my father died from cancer that the disease has gradually invaded my family with a passion and relentlessly changed the volume and its order!. The last 18 months my uncle has died from stomach cancer a distant cousin also has died from a brain tumour, his wife simultaneously contracted breast cancer and at the present is undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy!…and now my auntie who at the age of 86 is worried that she may also have stomach cancer!. well is it no wonder I refuse to create a pension scheme for myself when the odds are really staked against me living over the age of 65! You would think that I'm a miserable sod!. No!. or a Hypochondriac and eternally pessimistic!.. Not in a million years I live life the way I want to and at every opportunity I use the time to create art and explore and learn everything that I can! I'm none judgemental and as easy going as I can be in this world! I am not a push over or easily fool by people! But I greatly love people who have creativity and positive energy and experience life to the full, after all we only have one life!

Saturday, 24 March 2007

mat pic

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This is a song about Matthew Shephard which I think is particularly poetic and I just thought that I would post it for no other reason that it is fabulous!!

I had a friend I never met,
just a shadow in the night.
And he asked me, "Are you in or out;
and will you join the fight?"

So, I listened through my deafness
to the sweetness of his song.
When I turned around to answer him
I discovered he was gone.


But the song drifts along
on the soft Wyoming wind.
It's a lullabye of love and hope
and the courage to begin
that quest for understanding
in the darkness of our souls.
No, I won't forget that melody
on the soft Wyoming wind.

So I went back to the drawing board
with a modicum of shame.
Ripped the bandage off the sores
and administered the blame.

Yes, I've lived a lie of silence,
with a blind eye towards the proof.
And a fear of ever facing
what I knew to be the truth.


I have seen the face of hatred,
it wears a thousand different masks.
Heard the voice of the self-righteous
preaching prejudice as fact.

Will I ever find the courage
to live completely free?
You know you need a guiding spirit
to find some inner peace.

Sometimes when it's late at night
I can almost see my friend.
A gentle smile upon his face
where the bloody tears had been.

And he reaches out to comfort me
saying, "It will be alright."
And he beacons me to follow him
from the shadow to the light.


lyrics: Richard Webster
Music:Rick Sirota

Sunday, 4 March 2007

African Queen

African Queen, originally uploaded by timslim1.

Feeling a little strange today maybe its because its now 3months since I had a drink!!