Monday, 21 April 2008

Crash a film about you!.

Yesterday I found hidden at the back of my dvd collection "Crash" which for some reason I had failed to watch, so I thought it was about time I watched it. All I can say is that Crash is an amazing film which deals with issues that face every single one of use in modern society,its a mirror of our neurosis and failures and provides no sugar coated solutions.

The film which starred Matt Dillon,Brendan Fraser,Sandra Bullock,Nona Gaye and the gorgeous Ryan Phillippe (who wouldn't). I really enjoyed the film although challenging because of the fact it deals with racial issues and the friction between people who forced into similar environments.

To conclude because of the way the narrative unfolds you can only feel a more appreciative about the little things in life and the things which you hold close to your heart and although the film as a whole is depressing as a result is you feel thankful for what you have!.

After I had watched the film I went out and photographed a single beautiful flower ****PEACE****

****Gorgeous and edible****

Friday, 11 April 2008

Madonna Stinks!.

I dont know why it is but I REALLY HATE MADONNA!... I feel that she really only uses styles and people who are 'up and coming", she also behaves like a parasite feeding of current influential people who are cutting edge and creatively productive.

Things like.... oooh lesbian chic is in... I am NOW having an affair with a woman.. YAWN!... disco's back ... (glitter,glitter) lets use gay lifestyle.. STRIKE A POSE......VOGUE!

She does nothing interesting and looks like a granny on speed, this is purely a personal view because I know that millions of people get great pleasure from her, but I literally hate her and that bland and toneless singing voice of hers.

Because she has got old she has to try harder to entertain and be interesting but because of this she ends up looking desperate and pathetic and I feel that it would be a more viable option to retire and give us connoisseurs of quality music a deserved rest from her attempt at singing oooh and trying to be SEXY???..

NO WAY on this earth is Madonna sexy or sensual , not with that gym generated body of hers when its twisting and turning around under that glitterball of life! GIVE UP NOW!! its time to sign in to the geriatric ward!

***Too late shes just released another diabolical din but this time with the edible Justin Timerlake... thats the one thing she has... excellent taste in MEN!!!.***

Sunday, 6 April 2008

April snow showers!

Well it was a shock to open my curtains this morning and see a heavy blanket of snow covering the ground. I love how snow can magically turn everything into a wonderful fantasy world beautiful and serene, things change and morph into other forms hidden beneath the freezing grasp of the glistening flakes!. I nice change from the depressing rain and the dreary damp.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Naomi Campbell witch without a broomstick!

Apparently super bitch Naomi Campbell didnt like the fact that her luggage had been lost by BA airline, when she heard about this issue which she considered to be life threatening she flew into a rage and the police had to be called!. When the police arrived she continued her diva antics and spat in a police officers face and was promptly arrested!.

She was over heard to say that the specific piece of luggage contained certain essential fashion items need for a job she was hired for. Maybe the fashion police detonated her luggage because it contained eye corrosive materials which if worn and exposed to the public would cause severe mental distress!

The old bag just needs a slap from the reality boys and then given 100 years hard labour in a knicker factory. Lets face it all the drugs she takes must have blurred fashion world and reality and its no wonder she off the rails when no one will tell her the hard facts of life!

No amount of makeup, clothes or style advice can give you a personality or an

understanding of humanity!!.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

David Beckham a gay shame!

I am so amazed that people call that idiot David Beckham a "GAY ICON", he's no more a gay icon than I am. He thinks he's a fashion leader when all he does is stand there and let his stylist dress him in whatever freebie he has been given. This is not what a gay icon is all about, his looks are all but gone now and when he tries to convey any thoughts that he may have he ends up looking like a stroke victim! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!.

In fact the only gay thing about him is that he's always got a fist up his arse from his stupid skeleton wife Victoria who defines the term "FASHION VICTIM!". And in my opinion has never looked remotely beautiful or stylish and has a facial deformity called retard dermatitis!.

The two go together like shit and piss and both deserve each other but what they do not deserve are the titles GAY and FASHION icons! Further more and this is so unbelievable ,Roberto Cavalli the fashion designer has taken advice from Victoria regarding using Amy Winehouse for his label model, nothing wrong with that but why is Roberto listening to her!!! Has he not got a mind or style thoughts himself???.

Victoria wearing Marc Jacobs (say no more).

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Old age approaching

The start of the week was very nice because I had won a small amount of money on the bonus ball in the lottery. It was a very welcome surprise but its a shame that its not every week that i am given a money up-lift!. So today is the 1st of April and I will be 43 on the 15th of this month, I cant say that I am looking forward to it but as the years move on I am less stressed when the day arrives. Years ago I would be catatonic and in a drunken stupor on my birthday!!. But its true that age does smooth out the roughness and mellows the fevered brow of panic!.

I do envy the young who have the blinkers of innocence firmly attached and who fail to realise the fragility of life when spiraling out of control on alcohol or drugs and where sex is considered an accompaniment to both requiring No commitment or restrictions!! Hopefully I can fulfill some of my goals and maybe this year I will achieve a little success with my creative work. Not that I am ignored in that area its just I would like to be recognised more fully and generally to a wider audience!. Fingers crossed everyone!