Friday, 28 September 2007

Its a funny old world!!

Well its a funny old world that I inhabit....and its annoying me just a little decide if my feelings are founded or not!?.
WHY..and im not talking in particular about gay people but people in general in the Chester area who consistently persist to be hostile towards me when in my opinion I have done little to warrant this behaviour...
Lets take a closer look at the situation and maybe this will shine a light on my dilemma!...well the main perpetrators are amazingly the queer quarter of Chester who have for as long as I can remember have regarded me with suspicion and contempt, this is a inconceivable attitude and in my honest opinion nothing more than small minded internalised homophobia!!Small little pocket of areas of people who feel threatened by anything beyond their narrow understanding of anything!...take a look in your mirrors idiots you fall into the stereotype!

The other equally mind boggling group of people who feel threatened by me..yes I now know that to be the correct word to use because there is no other reason why any female should hate a gay person other than because of territorial issues, I know this to be true because generally women love me as a person and have no issue at all,its the few who grind their smoke stained teeth at me and glare with a look that says " back off you homo he's not for the conversion!", huh??....if i wanted your version of a straight man bitch you would have NO SAY!..

Which brings me nicely to the final group of people who surprisingly enough are usually the most receptive and intelligent of all!...STRAIGHT MEN!..yes that's correct .....
the good old heterosexual males are without a doubt more forward thinking of all!!!

I can usually count on them to boost my wound ego or lift my spirits and hand on heart give me the most amazing sexual stimulation in the world!! I do feel sorry for them when I see them with their girlfriend and looking my way with their puppy dog eyes asking telepathically to give them unimaginable sexual pleasure!!...or is that all in my imagination?...I HOPE NOT!?.

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Sunday, 2 September 2007


While flicking through pages of fashion magazines my eyes focused on an advert for a face cream proclaiming the usual wondrous magical properties which will change your life!To be truthful I never really believe any hype that is attached to any product or brand..well not until I have personally tested them myself!.
Do people believe these images of visually perfect men or women to be real?.. or maybe they understand that its all part of a add campaign designed to sell the product!..I have used Clinique for years and have been very satisfied with the entire range and its only recently that I began to think that maybe another product could banish away some of the years!,my skin is very healthy looking but I wanted an injection of something EXTRA!
Biotherm Man was always my fantasy boyfriend so naturally its his bed that I climbed into,well you dont know till you try do you?...after the initial purchase from selfridges and a few weeks later I can honestly say that I am extremely impressed with the products of Biotherm, which do live up to all the claims about skin improvement and regeneration of cells!.
I am no fool I did previously research them over the internet and read all the glowing consumer would like to think that the consumer has actually written the review but the little cynical voice in my head says maybe,an insider from Biotherm has offered up their knowledge of the product instead!..never mind a change is good as a rest and whats £22.00 between wrinkles!