Thursday, 27 December 2007

Censorship and my underwear.

My to do list!

After three days of shopping before Christmas and all day cooking on Christmas day ,boxing day was spent relaxing and having some personal time!. Today I am going to decide which areas of my life need changing and if any areas could be built upon, (Formally known as New Years resolutions).

I need to upgrade my exercise routine, I generally do some at least half an hour for three days a week, but maybe I need to focus on specific areas of my body?. Also I need to cut down or stop drinking and then look at my eating plan and alter my diet, hopefully this will knock a few years off my skin and "bring healthy back!!".

My other resolution will have to be to devour as many men as possible, I have an intense addiction to the male species and literally get an tense erection just thinking about them!. This I find strange considering that in my youth I had a fairly restricted sex life!, now that I am older I have tastes that are borderline animalistic, and I have constant fantasies about group sex!

Time will tell if I check off any of these "to do tasks!"

Saturday, 22 December 2007

It could not be any worse.

Our freezer has stopped working and with Christmas nearly on top of us and all the previous days supplies on the verge of being destroyed things couldn't possibly get any worse.... OR COULD THEY!?. I am beginning to think I am cursed by a demon for all my sins during the last year. But thinking on those lines what about Amy Winehouse and her
behaviour over the last year, surely her x-mas is doomed and her freezer MUST DIE ALSO!!??. Oh yeah ..... now I remember she is suffering!!.


Friday, 21 December 2007

Last days of christmas shopping!

Today I had to go Christmas food shopping and it really was a nightmare navigating through all the bodies and heaving trolleys!!. At one point my own trolley accidentally collided with someones ankle and he spun around and said "its alright I have two legs!???", Good god, it was an accident and he's lucky that I was in a placid mood because if my mood was major bitch mode I would have bitten his balls off!!.

Everything afterwards went to plan and all the goods are now in the our store for the coming nuclear blast! (Christmas period) . My appointment at the dentist went relatively ok, I only need one filling and he said my gums are excellent!. Must be all that cock sucking!!.

Planning to do quite a bit of work on my macbook and hopefully I will post a youtube video and some of my new photographic work ,which fingers crossed will be just as popular as the previous work that I did!?.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Truly hateful behaviour!

While traveling to Chester today on the bus I sat I quickly down because the bus was quite full at this point, at the next stop two young girl quickly kissed and one of them got on the bus and started to look for her money!. At this point the man behind me began saying to what I presumed to be his wife/girlfriend that “she has just fucking kissed a girl and now the stupid bitch is looking for her money,why didn’t she have it ready?”, she then walked slowly to her seat and he began saying “look at that thick fucking bitch now!”. I felt sick and could feel his extreme HATRED drifting over me!!. I could also smell his intense alcoholic breathe!!.The next unknown victims were also female and the only crime that they committed was being allowed on the bus after the bus driver had shut the doors!. “Fucking all the luck in the world” was his remark! The thing that really got to me had to be his intense hatred for these women,he seemed to hate people and everything about life!. I thought maybe that he was a country yokel who was having a hard time with the christmas period and all the shoppers!??. I thought about turning around and confronting him but after the last weeks negative incidents I had second thoughts,but if his remarks had been heard by any of these girls I would most certainly have unleashed my bitch mouth and attacked him till he crawled back under the rock that he had come from !When the bus reached the destination I got off before him and observed him leaving the bus and to my horror this man had been traveling ALONE so he MUST have been talking to HIMSELF!?. HAPPY CHRISTMAS PSYCHOPATH!

Friday, 14 December 2007

The week that was terrible!

Looking back at the past week I do not know how I could experience so much bad luck that my only conclusion is that I must have possessed an elevated amount of bad karma!. Last saturday I had to trim my christmas shopping down because a relative wanted me to collect a coat for them in Chester!..I could not understand the request really on the grounds that they own a car and it would have been much simpler for them to get the coat rather than asking me. Usually this wouldn’t have bothered me but being christmas I wanted to finish buying my gifts!, It only made my life harder and moodier!.
Then on Monday when I returned home I was informed that the over-weight coal man had nearly dispatched his load ( sounds extremely sexual) through the window, having regained his grip he then cracked a windowsill and loosened a pipe!!!..( drunk in charge of a bag of dirty fuel!!! ). He either leaves the bags of coal in the yard or goes on a diet or the other option ……I discontinue my weekly agreement for fuel!.
Ok now the ultimate in absolute bad luck and this happened the day after the coal incident,so my nerves were already shattered. Tuesday was the day that my house was nearly burgled and my sanity would be corroded beyond salvation!.. A man had tried to force his way into the house via two windows but had given up presumably because of time-span and extremely tight window frames!!.
I now feel unsafe in my own house and I sleep so lightly that a farting cat would wake me up in an instant!, the possessions in my house our my own and the thought that someone could take them away just because he wanted to makes me nauseous and paranoid!.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Ginch Gonch threatened legal action if I didn't remove youtube video!

Last Thursday I posted a video on youtube expressing my personal views about ginch gonch's underwear which I had bought several months ago. Because I had failed to read the washing instructions on the label the colours on the first pair that I washed all ran together!. It was my own fault I know but really for hygiene reasons I think that you will all agree that you need to wash underwear in warm water!.
This I explained in the video and I then preceded to recommend another companies brand, which is owned by a friend and in my personal opinion is of superior style and quality than ginch gonch!. The video was up on youtube for ONE DAY, during which Ginch Gonch sent an email to my friends web site saying that if he did not get me to remove the video off youtube that they would take legal action!!!.
I could understand if I had blatantly slandered their companies name but a simple video expressing my own views about a product that I had bought is pathetic in the extreme!
Further more and this is what I can not comprehend is the action Ginch Gonch took in going through all my blogs and emailing certain posts back to my friend!!!. EXCUSE ME!...this is taking things out of all reason and just goes to show everyone one that no one is immune to BULLYING!!!.