Monday, 19 November 2007


Apparently celebrity's are posting videos on youtube campaigning against bullying in a response to the national anti bullying week. This is fine and i'm against any form of bullying regardless what the situation is but I find the fact that youtube a web site that in my opinion condones bullying in every form, is the platform these celebrities have chosen to present their campaign!!

You only have to read any gay persons comment box to find some form of homophobic abuse and these comments range from "DIE OF AIDS", "GAY BASTARD", "SHIT STABBER"!!!!! and so on...Youtube DO NOTHING!...the perpetrators are left to continue their bullying,hiding behind (like most bully's do) a barrier of some kind, be it a computer screen or a gang!! These comments really disturb me because if channelled towards the young it can have a detrimental effect upon them mentally and physically!!.

Only this week Sophie Foxley a young girl suffering from leukaemia received death threats posted on her blog which she used to help her with the illness. This is really unbelievable and upset me when the story hit the news, one post said "me and my husband are going to kill you"! WTF!..THESE ARE GROWN ADULTS!?!?! god! what a world we live in!!

STOP ALL BULLYING NOW!!!! and that includes you YOUTUBE!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

A day to forget!

Its been a really strange day today..Firstly I got up with a slight hangover which didn't initially hinder my day but the events which unfolded contributed to fanning a feeble hangover into a forest fire!!!.Let me explain...I arrived in Chester this morning at 11.00 to buy a macbook which is my Christmas gift to myself, all excitedly I said to the assistant that I would like to buy the laptop only to be told that they were out of stock!!..why was it on view in the first place if it was not available to buy !!??.
So I walked over to the Apple store nearby and I was informed by the notice that they do not open on Sundays!. Bloody silly if you ask me since Christmas is approaching and all that vital trade on Sunday will be lost,so to cut a long story short I returned to the first store and aked them to order it from another branch and have it delivered to the Chester branch for me to pick it up on Saturday!
Anyway after all these incidents my self created headache was having a ball in my brain and loving every minute of it!,the weather was ball shrinkingly evil and the available daylight resembled the glow from a candle, extremely dismal and depressing by all standards!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Sony or Apple

I have been thinking for the past couple of weeks which lap top I might like to buy before Christmas, the contenders are Sony Vaio or Apple Mac. I have always used a Windows system and the thought of changing to mac is daunting but because I use lap tops for editing photographs ,the reviews that I have read all seem to indicate that a mac is a better system for this task!.
Price wise they are more expensive and I am looking to spend about 900 pounds all together, the Sony Vaio seems a better option regarding the price and the familiarity of windows tends to push me in that direction.
I am going to read more reviews and then decide but if any of you guys out there have any advice please comment me and I will be forever grateful.Thank you!.

Monday, 12 November 2007

I am what I am.......really I am!

This happened to me today,a so called "friend" remarked that the only reason why I am gay is because I would not be able to satisfy a woman and that I would be cured of my homosexuality by the right woman!?. He also said that he could not imagine me having sex with a man!!,why he would want to is beyond me!.

His remark is totally homophobic and I know if I challenged him on this he would deny it!..the reason why I didn't confront him is purely because I feel so sorry for the mentally challenged moron!. He has been mistaken for a gay man himself because of his vanity which I must agree is homogenetic and he has a bone structure which is cocksuckerous!!, also his second marriage is on the rocks ,presumably because of his infantile behaviour and selfishness.

To not be able to imagine myself with a man is laughable in the extreme considering my past,but on this point he regards me as a puritan, not his words I can assure you,he thinks of me as a homo virgin mary!! I really feel sorry for the idiot because he has constructed a sort of virtual lifestyle for me,one that has no resemblance to the true one!

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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday

All day I have been in pain with such an intense case of sinusitis that I had to go to bed and forsake any plans to do any photographic work what so ever! Its only now at 7:00 Sunday night that I am beginning to feel a little better.I have opened an account with so I can upload videos with them,rather than using youtube which I regard as a DIRTY SITE,I hate reading comments about gay vbloggers because invariable there are numerous gay hate remarks which I find really disturbing, I received one such comment from a young girl because I had left a remark on Prez Hiltons site and she found this to be the jolt she needed to comment me and called me a STUPID FAGGOT..U NEED TO STOP LIKEIN MAN U FUC SHOT..U LIKE PEREZ HILTON I KNO THATS UR ROLE MODEL U SISSY FREAK...UR NOT WELCOM HERE...look at the typing mistakes shes such an illiterate freak and to be propelled to write such hatred, she really needs to seek help!
Today was a right off and in the aftermath I am left feeling un- productive and drained,Sundays are usually my best day to work and focus mentally on the things that need doing!..Oh well....
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