Monday, 28 January 2008

Racist and ignorant!

To say that I am annoyed would be an understatement after todays events, the reason why I am so upset is because an acquaintance of mine shocked me with this statement “ I am NOT RACIST but I DO NOT believe that black and white people should sleep together and have children!” ???. I said to him that YES you are racist and also ignorant!, he said that its his opinion and he has the right to his opinion , I replied that his opinion was wrong and he should not voice his views because he was upsetting me and making himself into an idiot! He also couldn’t understand my reaction!!
What a total freak of nature he is, to think that people actually believe that they have the right to voice their half-witted rants and not get challenged over it! It sickens me and disgusts me in a way that brings out the killer in me! Im sorry but people like him should be wiped of the face of the earth!
This is not what I need to be exposed to and his vile comments should stay in his stupid little brain and I feel that with this hatred for a minority group he should be eligible for the gas chamber!

Monday, 21 January 2008

The winter is murder on my fashion sense!

I hate the rain more so than any other weather condition because it makes me feel oppressed and depressed all at the same time, its only in the last five years that excessive rain fall has become a problem in the UK,and I know we need rain for environmental reasons but other than that it causes more problems than it solves!.

Not only is it destroying property and causing heartache and possible death but the effect on the fashion conscious is catastrophic and I know that fashion is created specifically for the winter months but its all about covering up!, yes a blessing for the over weight and ugly crowd but what about the beautiful healthy sexy fashionistas who want to be proud and show off their hard worked for bodies, the winter period is nothing less than exile from admiration and adulation!!

No one has the time to admire anyones fashion sense when its pouring down with rain ,its all a case of running to the next starbucks. Life is really hard in the winter months when you have to grit your teeth and hope for gods help and guidance to lead you into the light and warmth of spring when you can discard those drab ugly garments and emerge wearing those fabulous traffic stopping, “I’m full of life and up for hot sex” clothes that you know, make you who you are and what you stand for ….and in the end what is better in life than that!?.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Amour, originally uploaded by timslim1.

Homolicker doing his magic on this image and recreating another classic!

Thursday, 3 January 2008


faggot!!, originally uploaded by timslim1.

I am really pleased with this image and I think that it says everything positive about being gay and proud!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Someone tried to KILL ME!

Saturday morning I experience an attempt on my life, I regard it in such terms because I can not begin to understand any rational explanation other than in the abstract!.
I was walking along the footpath and I made a decision to cross the road so I started to move in front of a parked car thinking on one was inside, but to my horror the car started to move and stopped when my hands hit the cars bonnet!. I looked inside and there was a man at the wheel looking straight ahead so I moved back on the footpath and he drove off down the road!.
No explanation or apologies just a attempt on an my life!..the old people across the road were amazed and I could tell that they were as shock at the event as me!.
You would think that I was living in NYC and not the sleepy Roman town of Chester!!.