Monday, 28 May 2007


I am very pleased with this really interesting photograph which I created today, This is one of a few images that I shall call my HOMOLICKER series.


Sunday, 27 May 2007



Disco Dancer


What is wrong with the gay people of Chester!!!I have lived around the area of Chester for most of my life!...yeah I know it is a bit sad but there you go, slap my face if you will!!, but this has always troubled me,all or should I say most of the majority of the gay men in Chester walk around with an expression that says I HAVE A LONG SMELLY DOG EXCREMENT UNDER MY NOSE!!!! Why for gods sake do they insist that their facial features should resemble a shrivelled prune!.

Since coming out to the scene which consists of a couple of pubs one of which is as wide as a narrow boat and the other as tacky and trashy as britney spears in asda! the welcoming arms of the young and old involved in homosexual activities have remained peculiarly closed?. I'm not bitchy (do not regard my videos as reliable evidence) and I do have a fabulous personality, so im told, I'm also willing to sleep with any available men as long as they are rich, fashionable, creative and fabulous!! ....well not really, I do only sleep with people that are genuine, lovin ,know how to communicate AND HAVE A CERTAIN PORN STAR QUALITY!!;-)
So why is it that gay people in Chester would rather wear George at Asda than me! Manchester gays have no problem seeing me for the person that I am and accept everything that I can give and do want to know me!..and yes you have guessed it, I do spend a lot of my free time there and I regard my local as being down Canal St. Maybe they can see what Chester queers can not,anyway ,I have really given up trying and when i'm out shopping, if a mincer approaches I look through them! and I ceratinly don't want their cheap and nasties rubbing off on my shiny new Prada!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

I am suffering!

This weekend I suffered a lose!,one that leaves a hole in my life and that can never be filled by another....MP3 player!! Yes! my ipod died and had to be returned to its birthplace
where hopefully with loving care and a bit of TLC it will return into my loving arms and continue to bring me untold joys and great pleasure!..Can I live for two weeks without its sexy little body pulsating next to my heart?..

.I initially resisted to the hype surrounding the world of itunes/ipod believing that all Apples claims about revolutionising the world of music just couldn't be true!..Till six months ago I took a leap of faith and purchased a sliver 4gb ipod, instantly I became hooked with its easy manageability and style,but gradually month after month my little friend go sicker and sicker...after nursing him!..yeah him!!...he's a sexy horny dsquared model with attitude!! he did eventually regain functionability but how long can he go on..that was the question on my mind!!

So on Saturday he was returned to the ipod hospital for some TLC and good nursing!!...I will use an old Philips mP3 in the meantime but its just not the same!! :-(

Saturday, 12 May 2007

This is a simple case of personality and intellectual differences!!!

After finding out via the wonders of the open window that I'm called by my neighbours "snotty nosed Tim" in retrospect I do find that this remark is maybe rather fitting considering their limited vocabulary!.. I would have called myself an egotistical hyperbolist ! My tongue is always firmly in my cheek!, this is where people who don't know me think that I'm an arrogant homosexualist, this I'm not I can assure you, get to know me and you will realise this in next to no time. I can be a little selfish and self-absorbed but who can say hand on heart that at some time that this trait has never appeared momentarily at one time or another? This is a simple case of personality and intellectual differences!!!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Jay Brannan with the wonderful voice,really lifts my spirit and his song writing skills are exceptional!!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

over the garden fence

I have just this minute overheard the drunken trailer park from next door referring to me as snotty nose tim!! OH MY GOD!!! moi snotty nose,if by that they mean educated widely read and creatively productive with positive energy and that im not a lazy ignorant alcoholic then YES I AM SNOTTY NOSED!!
I was feeling a little guilty about the remarks that I made in various video's that I have posted on web sites,but now well WATCH OUT I FEEL A BITCH RANT COMING ON!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Visualise this I'm what you could call a tolerant person,I check myself when a woman with a baby buggy ram raids my legs, I take deep breaths when some thoughtless individual loads their food onto the belt in the supermarket leaving me no room to load mine up because they have left their trolley alone side the belt so then I have to rush mine on!, but when it comes to the beauty challenged individuals and the brainless tittering drunken girlie's(next door relatives) who I might add can't walk in high heel shoes!,I know men who can do better!! who think that I need to listen to their humdrum voices proclaiming "ooh he's soo hot and she's such a tart,or lets do a txtathon? do I look nice in this"? eerrr NO! YOU LOOK FAT! THE MATERIALS STRAINING LETS LEAVE FAST YOUR ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!! yes I know i'm so tolerant and such a giving and loving individual!