Sunday, 10 February 2008

Just when I thought it was safe to open my eyes!

Just when I thought that things really couldn't get worse I happen
to stubble upon this laughable image from Instinct's magazine online blog "Watercooler". The offending item of clothing is by Prada and according to Ms. Prada..... "the collection was revenge on men for the social and sartorial contortions they impose on women.". Bloody hell!!.. sweet revenge at that!.. the trousers even lack a fly!.. clearly not to be worn in Tesco's then!.
The look on the models face says it all.... bet he's thinking f**king
Prada bitch making me look like a t**t in front of all my mates,next she will want my balls!! Actually thinking about it, i'm with Miuccia Prada on this one, women have been fooled into thinking that to look sexy they should walk around in ridiculously high heels and wear breath stopping corsets, so Go Miuccia make more of these clothes for men and get them stocked in Top Man!!, they should sell out in seconds!! ;-)


Friday, 8 February 2008

Too hideous for my eyes!


Some people need more fashion advice than others because I just don't know what this person was thinking when he decided to venture out in this hideous outfit! He's less fashion victim more style retard!
I'm sorry the so called "man bags" or whatever they are called now ,may look relatively cool on the catwalk but in a social situation they look ridiculously queer in the extreme!. And why the hell is he wearing those shinny cardboard shorts with BLUE SOCKS and WHITE TRAINERS!??
I'm sorry mate dressed like that you just look like a right prick, which is a shame because you could look great with a little style advice!.
The picture is from AXM magazine and this months issue is packed full of excellent tips on how to look good and also contains an fabulous section on fashion, its one of the best gay magazines out at the moment!. ***FASHION DISASTER CHECK IT OUT!!!***


Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My sister Belinda

Today would have been my sister's 50th birthday if she would have lived, she died at the age of five because she had a hole in the heart!.The doctors said she was born 10 years too soon,and because of advances in surgical techniques (the procedure is now done routinely with key hole surgery) she most likely would be alive now!.

I would have loved to have had the chance to have got to know her and I do feel a connection to her and always wish that I could talk to her and form a bond!. I went with my mum today to the church yard to lay flowers on the grave where she is at rest with my father. Life changes so fast so try to live life to the full and take time to really appreciate it while you can!.
Belinda you will forever be in my heart! XX
The church yard

The Churchyard

Monday, 4 February 2008

Photoshop come back to me!

Since moving from windows to mac I have been left with NO PHOTOSHOP to work on, only elements 4 which is very basic. So today I gritted my teeth and said a prayer for my bank account and ordered CS3 (£560:00)from amazon. The price is very expensive but hopefully will be worth it in the long run, its an essential tool for me and one I can’t live without.
With my friend in San Francisco we are embarking on a project where we will each in turn decide an subject matter for a photographic image which we will then post on flickr when we have both finished!.
I am sure that my individual style will continue to rein and produce the very strong Homolicker trademark in each and everyone of the images, although I am not regarding the continuing project as a war of creativity but more of a creative copulation,playing off each other and generating art through thoughts and ideas!.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

My corrupted gay gene!!

I have known this about myself for sometime now and its something that I am ashamed and embarrassed about because rules and genetics state that every gay man has the knowledge and expertise required to use his in-built cruising mode!. The fact is I have somehow been given a corrupt copy and every time I try to use it a flashing warning sign states, “please install the correct program and try again!".

Flirting I have a degree in, whether my victim is male or female or transgendered , I flirt on 100% power !!. I do love to flirt and I know that in certain situations you can gain a lot from it, whether it is sex, free moisturizer , upgrades on software,coffee,herpes,anal tearing or whatever you can think of!?.

Today I saw a good looking blond guy walking past me and our eyes meet briefly and I knew what I should have done because I had read somewhere that you should wait three seconds and then turn back to see if they are looking back at you, did i do it?... hell no!!,I wanted too but it all seemed a little bit” porn scene” for me! And there lies my real problem, I am so up tight and hell bent on maintaining an aloof appearance that such behaviour is beneath me!

Actually this has only just occurred to me, I have no problem with cruise control in other areas of the country, only in the town of Chester are my abilities to cruise somehow hindered, ......maybe by a force field of purity!!...... or am I simply talking bollocks again!!

Any advice would be extremely welcome so feel free to comment and help a wounded and sensitive homosexual! X