Sunday, 18 November 2007

A day to forget!

Its been a really strange day today..Firstly I got up with a slight hangover which didn't initially hinder my day but the events which unfolded contributed to fanning a feeble hangover into a forest fire!!!.Let me explain...I arrived in Chester this morning at 11.00 to buy a macbook which is my Christmas gift to myself, all excitedly I said to the assistant that I would like to buy the laptop only to be told that they were out of stock!!..why was it on view in the first place if it was not available to buy !!??.
So I walked over to the Apple store nearby and I was informed by the notice that they do not open on Sundays!. Bloody silly if you ask me since Christmas is approaching and all that vital trade on Sunday will be lost,so to cut a long story short I returned to the first store and aked them to order it from another branch and have it delivered to the Chester branch for me to pick it up on Saturday!
Anyway after all these incidents my self created headache was having a ball in my brain and loving every minute of it!,the weather was ball shrinkingly evil and the available daylight resembled the glow from a candle, extremely dismal and depressing by all standards!

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