Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Kill all spammers NOW!

Another vicious devil week has passed by smothering me in life excrement and leaving me with a pooh stained body!. The start of last week began with someone hacking into my hotmail account and sending all my contacts spam spam pissing spam!… so embarrassing and paranoid inducing!. People like that in my opinion should be instantly killed with a knife up the bum!… leaving to bleed to death in a pool of their bastard spam blood!. I had hours of mental and emotional turmoil wondering if they had infected my lush hot black macbook with a virus or worse maybe they had accessed my bank account and where wanking themselves with excitement in Harvey Nicks or getting their ugly retard faces lifted and botoxed in Harley street!.

The next incident was maybe not so stressful because it concerned my wayward sister who invariably goes missing when another boyfriend for this month takes here away for a few days. My poor mum was phoning for days and days and could only leave messages on her voicemail . After 4 days my mum was crying down the phone to me and I was literally hours away from calling the police and claiming her a missing person!. I knew she would turn up eventually but my mother was extremely concerned, then my sister phoned her without a care in the world later in the day and said that the mobile my mum was calling was now in the trash and she was using a new number but why had she forgot to pass the number onto my mother!??……..
I am NOT surprised by this because my sister is self obsessed and selfish…. its all part of her genetic makeup to be so bloody stupid!.

I am so glad that these sorry episodes are over and are now part of history, so maybe some new exciting adventures are on the horizon…. like all these hot men who want to sleep with me and use me for their dirty sweaty ways mmmmm…now there’s a thought!.

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