Sunday, 4 May 2008

Myspace friend needs medical help

The bank holiday started with me receiving an email from a myspace "friend" who I had been chatting with for maybe about a year and everything was fine up until about a month ago when I began to feel that I was only being use for tips on how to photoshop!. The email that I received was a reply from one that I had sent the previous day where I had said in a joking and playful way that maybe one day he would be as good as me in photoshop!

It was never meant to be taken seriously but because the person has addiction issues and he claims is bi-polar he completely took what I had said literally . He called me arrogant and self centered which is a joke considering all the advice i had given him.... I replied that seven years of art training at university I should be a little more accomplished than someone who at the time was a homeless alcoholic.

He now thinks he's David Lechappelle because he has been snapping away for a year, this is what really pissed off because I had to apply myself at art school because at the time my father was being treated for cancer and the pressure of final show was tremendous, I feel that art saved my life and gave me a direction and I really put my heart and soul into the Degree course and to have someone who I have never met consider himself qualified to be on the same level as me artistically.

He is still extremely psychologically unstable individual and needs to think about where he is going in life because at the moment he is in a cul de sac with no where to go! I regret wasting my time and exposing my emotions with him but as with all things in life you learn from your mistakes, or at least you should.

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Geoff said...

You're right, we 'should' learn from our mistakes, but sometimes that's easier said than done. Sorry about your problem friend. Your work is amazing and I really liked what you said about art having saved your life!